Winter Story Times

Winter 2009 Story Times for All Ages – Pick the Best one for your Family!
Registration begins Friday, January 2nd, 2009. Story Time sessions begin the week of January 13th, 2009.

Toddler Time – Tues. at 10:30 am (walkers who like to sit)

Moms & Moppets – Wed. at 9:30 am* (1-3 years for active tots)

Tiny Tots – Wed. at 10:30 am* * NOTE new times for Wednesdays
Preschool Party – Thursdays at 10 am (3-5 years)
Pajama Primetime – Thursday at 6:30pm (all ages)
Why do we offer Story Times for Children?

1. To provide a pleasant introductory library experience for children
2. To promote interaction between children – a social experience
3. To acquaint children and their parents with the various types of library materials available for children.
4. To encourage follow-up activities at home.

The library is trying a new concept for our storytime programs. We would like to work with parents to put their children in the most appropriate program for their development, rather than dividing strictly by age levels. These new programs have been designed to allow as much flexibility as possible. Please register for a particular time but after you have attended for a couple of weeks, evaluate whether the program is best suited to your child’s personality and abilities. Always feel free to discuss questions and concerns with the Library Staff.

The following suggestions are offered to help the series run smoothly. You, the parent, will play an important part in this program. Please arrive on time. Coming too early may make your child tire before the program ends and coming in late is a disturbance to the rest of the group. However please leave time at the beginning or end of the program to select books, CDs, etc. “Perfect behavior” is not expected from your child but remember that others are trying to enjoy the program as well. If your child becomes excessively restless, remove him/her from the activity temporarily. If your child is not able to sit through the story time after a couple weeks you might like to withdraw him/her from the group and move to another or register for the next set of sessions. As a parent you are welcome to sit in the program. Please visit with friends before or after the program. It is very distracting when parents chat during the story hour. When you arrive help your child find his/her name tag. Our routine will include 2 or 3 books, activities such as finger plays, songs, nursery rhymes, etc. The groups with shorter attention spans will have fewer stories but more music and activities. Each week a theme will be selected. You might like to introduce your child to some of the action rhymes that we will be learning during the sessions. There will be a great deal of repetition during the series so please don’t be discouraged if he/she will not participate at once. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 343-9550 ex 4.
Contact Sandra Gillard, Kelly March or Katie Elia for more information.


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