Dragonflies are Poets

The Dragonflies lunch bunch book group for grades 3-5, meets Tuesday afternoons @ 1:00pm. We eat our lunch and Miss Kelly supplies a drink and snack we also, listen as she reads a few chapters of a book to us and do fun activities and games.

If you want more information click on the Dragonfly link to the right. We’d love to have you join us.

Last Tuesday we created a fence post poem together. We’ve included it below. Enjoy.

Furry worm bug

Composed by The Dragonflies:

Aaron, Bridget, Dani, Scott, Patrick, Andrew, Aimee and Melissa

Furry worm bug

He share pool games

Cold ocean ice is spike

Hand shady tree

Wiggle water dance was happy true perfect

Smart puzzle hug

Bark red dog camp

Hot run sun steam

Book is this party scream

frog hop creek was at write up

Turtle word ate smooth lake of slime shop

Cream flower eat kind tree

see she Smile holler share Shout

feet freeze stream gentle

have ship at this beauty cool grew

we sail


fish beetle snail

he water are spider



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