Baa Baa Black sheep have you any wool?

Richard & Jennifer Long with lincoln lambs Mary & Abe

Yes, we do! Many thanks to the Long Family for sharing their time, knowledge and spring Lincoln lambs Mary & Abe with the families of PJ Primetime Story time here at the Richmond Memorial Library. The Long family travelled from Bergen and carried each lamb into the library – and that says a lot! They were quite big by my sizing but Richard and Jennifer were up to the task. They did inform me that a full grown adult male (ram) can weigh as much as 300 pounds.

suzanne Long Demonstrates carding wool

Suzanne & Emma Long talked with us about wool fiber and the process it takes to get from the sheep to yarn for our warm wool sweaters. Above Suzanne is demonstrating how to card wool.

Getting to pet Abe

Everyone had the Opportunity to pet Abe and Mary during their visit. There were many exclamations of how soft and frindly they were. Nearly all our Sheep books were checked out and I heard more than one child asking their parent if they could get some sheep for a pet.

Thanks again to the Long Family; Suzanne, Richard, Emma & Jennifer for sharing with us.

-Miss Kelly

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