Books, Books, and more Books!

Our much awaited shipment of NEW books has begun to arrive. Stop in to check out the great selection of new titles. The new stuff isn’t just limited to books either… we’re busy processing books on CD and music too. So why not Strive for Five – check out five new books with your kids today – but don’t limit yourself to just books. We have a great selection of kids magazines for all age levels, music (yes, I know kids music , but really we have more than just Barney!) I’ll be sure to do a Miss Kelly’s music picks in a future blog. Oh before I forget – I always have a book on tape (I have an older car) in the car for trips to the grocery store or Grandma’s house. It’s amazing how quiet the car gets when Ramona and Beezus are on.

But if you ask me… there’s no better smell than opening a brand new book. Oooooo the ink, the paper, the promise, the pictures, and the joy of sharing a new book with my kids. They always ask me what I brought home for them and immediately go rummaging through my ‘library work’ bag. They are sure to find great new adventures, something fun to dance to, or just a great snuggle time book.

-Miss Kelly

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