Warm, Sunny – could this really be January?

Of course I’m referring to yesterday – but oh my what a lovely New Years treat. Many children in to visit the library told of adventures at the park and Mom’s remarking that the slides were even dry!

Yesterday was a first for me… Story Time outside with my UPK friends at HeadStart! I just had to brag – January 8th and I’m reading books outside and my greatest challenge is the sun is in my eyes!

Enjoy your day today – but hold on tight to your littles ones, you don’t want to run to Stafford to collect them!

Don’t forget there’s still time to register for Story Times, call us 585-343-9550 x4. The Sessions begin next week and you don’t want to miss one week. Mrs. Gillard, Katie Elia and myself are hard at work preparing.

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